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About XML Sitemap Generator

How to Generate Free, Quality Sitemaps

The XML sitemap generator is one of the sitemaps generating tools provided by SeoToolx. With this fantastic free sitemap generator tool, you can easily produce HTML, RSS, and sitemaps for your website. With the aid of an XML sitemap (created by this tool), you can simply alert search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and others about all of the pages on your site.

A big XML sitemap is hard to create and maintain. You usually have to manually update, crawl the whole website and make sure the XML sitemap is kept updated with all of your changes. Then there's the question of XML sitemap submission tools. How do you submit your site map to google? When to submit it? What if you update your site regularly?

We've created a simple tool that generates exactly what Google needs for your sitemap. Built specially for business owners who want to grow their business! Not only will this XML sitemap generator from SeoToolx helps you generate an unlimited amount of XML sitemaps, but it will also generate them quicker than ever before.

What is a sitemap?

A sitemap is an XML file that lists all of your website's significant content, such as pages, photos, videos, and other data.  Sitemaps must include more than 50k URLs and cannot be larger than 50MB in size. If your sitemap reaches one of these limits, you'll need to build more than one. Technically XML stands for Extensible Markup Language (XML). It's vital for a variety of reasons, including

  1. Serves as a roadmap for Google and other search engines to locate and better comprehend your material.
  2. Leading search engines through your website so that they may crawl and index the important pages.
  3. Assisting search in determining when new pages and changes to existing ones are accessible.
  4. Assisting search engines in finding other language versions of your page.

Any page or file that you wish to appear in search results should be included in your sitemap. But, before I continue, you should be aware that there are two sorts of sitemap formats: HTML and XML.

XML sitemaps: This is a manually uploaded sitemap that is solely used for indexing and monitoring your website. It is the more contemporary method of managing how all of your website's information is saved.

HTML sitemaps: These are similar to your content sitemap and may be seen and used by people to browse your site. They are also generally known as your "website archive." HTML sitemaps are considered antiquated by some marketers, if not completely unnecessary.

Why do I need a sitemap?

A sitemap is like an online map that helps search engines and browser spiders find your website pages. A sitemap can be published as a separate file or included in the web page's HTML code. A sitemap tells the search engines what pages are indexable, and it can help them crawl your site in a more efficient manner. In some cases, search engines will even index pages they discover via a sitemap if they wouldn't have otherwise.

How can XML Sitemaps help?

XML Sitemaps, like our generator which makes generating XML-sitemaps and other types of sitemaps easy, often help search engines and other robots understand how your site is organized, how often new content is added, etc. Ultimately the XML sitemap provides you the means to tell Google about all the pages on your website. If you publish an XML sitemap using SeoToolx we will also tell you how many different websites or domains point to your site, so you can see if there are a lot of users simply typing in your URL directly or not.

Why use the SeoToolx XML sitemap generator tool?

There are several reasons why you should use this tool. The following are some of the plugin's hidden benefits that will compel you to utilize it.

  1. It creates the sitemap, which alerts search engines to your website's presence.
  2. It is a completely free utility. The outcomes you acquire will be completely satisfying and dependable. It is free but of high quality.
  3. It is a time-saving device. It will produce results quickly.
  4. It will also assist you in indexing quickly and accurately.

How to utilize SeoToolx for the XML sitemap generator tool?

The XML Sitemap Creator of the SeoToolx website is a strong tool, but like with any effective tool, some little instruction and knowledge on how all the components operate for the creation of an XML sitemap. All you have to do is follow these easy instructions.

  1. Enter your Website homepage URL in the box labeled “Enter a domain name.”