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Online URL Encoder/Decoder: Simplify Your Web Development

The internet is a complex web of data, and URLs play a crucial role in navigating this vast network. Whether you're a seasoned web developer or an SEO professional, you've likely encountered the need to encode or decode URLs. That's where our Online URL Encoder/Decoder comes in handy.

What is URL Encoding/Decoding?

URL encoding, also known as "percent-encoding", is a mechanism for encoding information in a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). It's used more generally within the main Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) set, which includes both Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and Uniform Resource Name (URN). As such, it's also used in the preparation of data of the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" media type, often employed in the submission of HTML form data in HTTP requests.

URL decoding, on the other hand, is the process of converting these percent-encoded strings back into their original form. This is crucial when the data needs to be read by humans or processed by certain software.

How Does Our Online URL Encoder/Decoder Work?

Our Online URL Encoder/Decoder is designed to make the process of encoding and decoding URLs as simple as possible. All you need to do is enter the text that you wish to encode or decode, and our tool does the rest. It's an essential tool for web developers and SEO professionals who regularly work with URLs and need a quick and reliable way to encode or decode them.

Features of Our Online URL Encoder/Decoder

Our Online URL Encoder/Decoder is packed with features that make it a standout choice for your URL encoding and decoding needs. Here are some of the key features that set our tool apart:

User-Friendly Interface

Our tool is designed with simplicity in mind. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their technical expertise. Simply enter your data, and with a single click, you can encode or decode it.

Advanced Options

Our Online URL Encoder/Decoder offers various advanced options for encoding and decoding. This includes the ability to encode binaries like images and documents, and the option to convert the data to another character set before encoding.

Real-Time Encoding

With the live mode feature, your data is encoded in real-time as you type or paste, without sending any information to our servers. This feature supports only the UTF-8 character set.

Secure and Reliable

We prioritize your data's security. All communications with our servers come through secure SSL-encrypted connections. We delete uploaded files from our servers immediately after being processed, and the resulting downloadable file is deleted right after the first download attempt or 15 minutes of inactivity.

Completely Free

Our tool is completely free to use. You don't need to download any software for such simple tasks. From now on, your URL encoding and decoding tasks can be done quickly and efficiently, without any cost.


Whether you're a web developer working on a complex project or an SEO professional optimizing a website, our Online URL Encoder/Decoder is a tool you'll find invaluable. With its user-friendly interface, advanced options, and commitment to security, it's the perfect solution for all your URL encoding and decoding needs.


  1. What is a URL Encoder / Decoder?
    The URL Encoder / Decoder is a web tool that performs two essential functions. Firstly, it encodes special characters and spaces in a URL to make it compatible with web browsers and servers. Secondly, it decodes encoded URLs back to their original form for human-readable interpretation.

  2. Why do I need to use a URL Encoder?
    URLs may contain special characters, spaces, or non-ASCII characters that could be misinterpreted by web browsers or servers. Encoding URLs ensures that they are properly formatted, preventing issues like broken links and incorrect data submission.

  3. When should I use a URL Decoder?
    A URL Decoder is handy when you encounter encoded URLs in your web browsing or when working with encoded data. Decoding allows you to understand the original content and access the intended web page or resource.