Transforming PDF to PostScript: Our Free Online Tool

Are you looking to convert a PDF file to PostScript (PS)? You're in the right place. Our free online tool allows you to convert your files seamlessly, with just a few clicks.

What is PostScript (PS)?

PostScript is a page description language used primarily in the electronic and desktop publishing areas. It's a powerful tool that enables precise control over layout and print output.

Why Convert PDF to PS?

PDFs are universally accepted, but there are specific cases where you might need to convert PDF to PS. One primary reason is that PS files offer a more detailed control over complex page layout, which can be crucial for high-end desktop publishing.

Our Tool: Making the Conversion Process Simple

Transforming your PDFs into PS files can be a hassle, especially if you lack the right tools. This is where our free online PDF to PS converter comes into play. It's designed to take the complexity out of file conversion, ensuring high-quality PS output.

How Does Our Tool Work?

The PDF to PS conversion process is a breeze with our tool. It works in a three-step process:

  1. Upload your PDF file
  2. Click on the "Convert to PS" button
  3. Download the converted PS file

Our tool takes care of the rest. It retains the original formatting, ensuring your converted document looks just like the original.

Safety and Security

We prioritize your data's safety and security. Files uploaded for conversion are protected with advanced security protocols and are automatically deleted after a short period3.


  1. What is a PS (PostScript) file?

    A PostScript file is a script language that describes page layouts and is used primarily for printing and desktop publishing.

  2. Why should I convert my PDF file to PS?

    While PDF is the preferred format for most users, some specific scenarios require a PS file. This includes when high precision layout control is needed for complex publishing tasks.

  3. How can I convert PDF to PS?

    Our online tool can easily convert your PDF files into PS. You just need to upload your file, click on the conversion button, and then download the PS file.

  4. Is the tool safe to use?

    Absolutely. We use advanced security measures to ensure your files are safe, and we delete all files from our servers after the conversion.

  5. Do I need to download any software?

    No, our tool is online-based, and you can access it directly from your browser.


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